28 Mar 2015

SOLD: SEIKO Automatic Diver 6306-7000

Up for sale is my SEIKO Automatic Diver 6306-7000. This is the Japanese Domestic Market cushion case diver produced in very limited quantity between 1976-1977 as opposed to the latter 6306-7001 model. It is powered by 21-jewel 6306 movement with second-setting function (hack).

Production date: July 1976 (early production model).
Case dimension:
  • Width: 44 mm (excludes crown).
  • Thickness: 13 mm.
  • Lug: 22 mm.
All original.
Original dial and hands in very good condition (sorry for the scratches on crystal). Lume on index markers and hands have aged to cream color.
Bezel rotates bi-directionally and clicks firmly with no play.
Bezel insert has scratches. The black color on the insert has faded. It turns to blue under direct light.
Original crystal has scratches but untouched.
Case and case back are in good condition with scratches and swirlies, but untouched. Edges, corners, and original factory machining lines on both top and back surface are still visible. The wave logo on the case back still retains its grainy background.
Movement and day-date setting mechanism are in good condition. Fully serviced by SEIKO Service Center, Jakarta on December 2011. Accuracy is within original factory specifications.
All gaskets (crystal, crown, caseback, and bezel) have been replaced with brand new genuine SEIKO gaskets on January 2012.
Original crown locks in 2.5x full turn.
Not water-pressure tested. Water resistant is unknown.
Comes with a used SEIKO DAL1BP 22 flat-vent rubber strap (JDM version of Z 22).
Price: SOLD.

The bad: Case, bezel insert, and original crystal have scratches.


23 Mar 2015

REVIEW: William Jean's Marine Master Type II 22 mm Rubber Strap Part II

Last January, my friend William Jean sent me some new color variants of his Marine Master Type II rubber straps. In addition to the early black and orange models, now they are also available in blue, grey, and red. All is designed for 22 mm lug and accommodates 22 mm SEIKO fat spring bar.

Because my SEIKO 6306-7000 has faded bluish bezel insert, I immediately chose the blue one to wear on the 6306. After wearing it for two months, now I can safely say that this is one of the best rubber strap I ever have.

My previous rubber strap is the SEIKO OEM DAL1BP 22 (a JDM version of the classic flat vent Z22). With thickness around 3.7 mm, William's MM300 Type II is thicker than SEIKO OEM DAL1BP 22 or Z22, but it is softer and more comfortable on the wrist. It curves nicely on my wrist (around 6-1/4 inch) the first time I wear it, without the need for "hot water and cup treatment".

I have tried some silicon straps which are very light and soft but they somehow feel fragile and have unpleasant stickiness on the skin. This MM300 Type II have the best of both worlds: thick solid rubber which gives the feeling of ruggedness and security, but also soft and curves nicely, even on small wrist.

For more information about William Jean's Marine Master Type II 22 mm Rubber Strap, check his website: strapboutique.com. More pictures of the straps below. Thanks for reading.