2 May 2010

SOLD: SEIKO Automatic Diver 6309-729A Plongeur

Watch is SOLD.

This is my modified SEIKO Plongeur (french for "Diver"). It is based on the classic Omega PloProf (Plongeur Professional = Professional Diver) from 1970. Omega PloProf is one of the best vintage dive watches ever created, both in performance and style. It is interesting to see how the combination of dial and hands from the classic PloProf and 6309 classic slim case, produces a modern looking diver. This is a proof that good design is everlasting.

For more information about Omega PloProf, read this short but interesting article from Watchismo: Omega Reissues the Famous Ploprof Divers Watch - 1970s Jacques Cousteau Collaboration.

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