25 Oct 2011

The First Automatic Chronograph in the World

My new favourite and my current daily beater. SEIKO Automatic Chronograph 6139-6011. The first automatic chronograph in the world. Released silently in early 1969 during "the Great Race of 1969" where Heuer-Leonidas/Breitling/Buren/Depraz & Cie/Hamilton consortium was competing with Zenith to produce world's first automatic chronograph.

Production date: December 1970. Missing the original bracelet, but everything else is original and untouched. Very beautiful.

▲ Scan from "SEIKO Heritage".

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  1. I have this exact same model! My father just gave it to me. He purchased it in Thailand during the Vietnam War in 1971. It had been in a box in an attic for 30 years until they moved this past summer. Hoping to have it restored to the beauty of a watch that you have!