7 Jul 2013

SOLD: KING SEIKO 4402-8000 (September 1966)

Up for sale is my KING SEIKO 4402-8000.

Production date: September 1966.
Case dimension:
  • Width: 35 mm (excludes crown).
  • Thickness: 11.5 mm.
  • Lug: 18 mm.
All original.
There is scratch on dial. But overall, dial and hands are in fair condition.
Case and case back is in fair condition and untouched. There is a small dent on 1:00 o'clock lug. The KS gold medallion on the caseback is nice and clean. This is early 4402-8000 model with KS Shield medallion.
Movement and quick-set date setting mechanism are working well. Movement was completely overhauled by SEIKO service center on May 2012. Accuracy is within +/- 10 second/day.
Original crystal has scratches.
All new gaskets (crown and case back).
Not water-pressure tested.
Comes with used 18/16 brown leather strap.
Price: SOLD. FREE shipping with insurance in Indonesia.

▲ Details of dial text.

▲ KING SEIKO Shield Medallion. This type of gold medallion can only be found in early batches of 44KS, up to year 1966/67. The gold medallion is in nice and clean condition.

▲ 4402A movement is nice and clean. This 44KS movement is the first movement in the world which use a rare adjustment technique by attaching counterweight to the hair spring. AFAIK, there are only two movements that using this technique: SEIKO 44KS and SEIKO 4S79 Chronometer (limited to only 500 pieces). Below is excerpt from interview with Akira Ohira, father of modern mechanical Grand Seiko, nicknamed "God of Adjustment":
"... Like 44KS caliber, I attached a weight on the hair spring to eliminate the position error. It is not a well known method, and those street watchmakers who don't know well tend to think it is "dust" and take it away and ruin everything. I even picked the glue by calling Locktite telling the requirement and they brought a few samples. Even though I assembled and adjusted the watch, I am looking for it in the secondary market but I have never seen it. 
Anyway, the idea of weight on the hair spring was on SEIKO's in-house text book - the accumulation of the SEIKO know-how book. It works, but it was actually implemented only on 44KS and 4S79. By the way, GS does not use Breguet spring, but flat spring - this is based on the actual comparison data, believe or not...."
Source: Interview with Akira Ohira - Watchmaking "Father" of Modern Mechanical Grand Seiko

▲ All new gasket (crown and case back). Watch is safe and water resistant for daily wear.

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