25 Jun 2010

SOLD: SEIKO Automatic Diver 6309-7290 Sharkproof Plongeur

Watch is SOLD.

After selling my first SEIKO Plongeur, I purchased another slim-case vintage SEIKO 6309-7290. Just like the first Plongeur, it also has a nice unmolested case and a clean 6309A movement. Time for another Plongeur.

As usual, watch was dismantled to pieces. Every parts were cleaned and checked. A new Plongeur dial and hands were installed. This time I use second hand with orange tip, a small touch but it brings a new vivid look to the dial.

All parts assembled. Compared to the first Plongeur, this second Plongeur has many upgraded parts. New chrome chapter ring, new domed sapphire crystal with AR coating, and high-quality aftermarket bezel insert. The best part of all is the new heavy-duty mesh bracelet.

The mesh bracelet is so striking in appearance that I think it is only suitable for really bold-looking watch. It reminds me of the anti-shark steel mesh suit worn by divers to protect them from shark bite. Therefore, I call this new Plongeur: the Sharkproof Plongeur.

The first time I saw the mesh bracelet, I know it is destined for the 6309 diver. From side view, we can see that the mesh pattern matches the double-stack grip pattern around the bezel, creating a harmonic flow of pattern around the dial. A perfect combination indeed.

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  1. Hi, where did you get the crystal and mesh bracelet?